Simba is a sweetheart. And he knows it. The 'Ladies' of Doggysthan, only know it better. They swoon all over him.

"Simba! You are so cuddly, Give us some Love".

Simba is always surprised at all the fuss. Being neutered he does not have any interest in ladies and their constant attention irritates him severely. Being a sweet mutt, he does not bark or shows any signs of anger. He would plead and reason with them and request them to focus their attention - elsewhere.

"Go to The Greek". He would advise them. He was of course referring to Greek, the crown prince of Doggysthan, the handsome muscular dude, the 'Never afraid' who would use his teeth and immense torso to settle any arguments in his favor.

The Ladies would demur. "Oh! Simba, But you are so hairy, so warm, so cuddly. AND Your butt smells so good! Here! Sniff me for I need you" They coaxed.

Simba thought the very idea as abhorrent. Listen Gals, he would plead, I have no use for your smells. The Hooman feeds us all the same. Why should your backside smell any different? I am quite content sniffing mine. You should Try that!

Ladies thought it was funny and would shriek in delight. "Simba! You are so funny, No Simba, we want you to try that, Look! Let us show you" Then would proceed to push their snouts into his neither regions and inhale appreciatively! 


"Nice ass" They would say.

Simba would then back off into his Corner.  He picks up the Wall Street Journal or whatever he had dug out of the compost heap. "Tesla is a good Share" He will say appreciatively! But I would Buy it only after it corrects.

The Ladies would cheer him unabashedly!

"Oh ! Simba! you are so intelligent"

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