Future plans for Doggysthan

For 2020

During 2020 additional space is being identified as the current dog population have reached 12. We have 6 males and 6 females. While all males are sterilized, 2 females need to be sterilized soon. Additional shelters are needed for the dogs to protect them from the elements. An internet connection is needed. CCTV cameras needs to be installed and an uninterrupted power source needs to be arranged (during 2020) and this needs to be upgraded to a Solar dependent system in 2021.


The following table shows the planned expenditure.

Description Year Total Cost Remarks
Sterilizations 2020 ₹ 8,000.00 2 Female pups
Vaccinations 2020 ₹ 10,400.00 12 Dogs
Shelters (basically bunkers, where the mutts can hunker down for the night or during heavy rains) 2020 ₹ 15,000.00 3 bunkers for protection
Food etc. 2020 ₹ 2,57,400.00 13 dogs , 1 year @ 1650/- 0er dog per month (1650 x 13 x 12)
Labor 2020 ₹ 72,000.00 1 person. One year Salary/wages
Treatment 2020 ₹ 12,000.00 Vet charges Medicines for 12 dogs – One year
Treats 2020 ₹ 36,000 One year
Fuel/ Electricity 2020 ₹ 12,000 One year
Total 2020 ₹ 4,22,800 One year

Note: CCTV and the UPS installation also is planned for 2020 and is expected to be around 50,000/-. This has been almost underwritten as on date. Thanks to Shafeeq Ahmed and Majeem a couple of extremely nice dog lovers who is doing the installations free of charge as a social service.

For 2021


For 2021, we propose to expand Doggysthan by acquiring additional space either as a lease or outright purchase. A lot of work will have to go into it before we can even arrive at a cost. There are a lot of street dogs in the village. By last count it was around 30 and growing and sadly dying also. We hope to provide one square meal a day to all dogs. If possible with the help of the local people, sterilize and vaccinate the dogs provide some kind of supplements to boost their immunity. All this is subject to availability of funds and co-operation of the local people.