About Us

Doggysthan is a half-acre plot tucked away in Arakere Village, North of Bangalore City in India. It is fully secured and gated. It is a Haven for stray dogs. The dogs are picked off the streets as young puppies, cleaned up, vaccinated, sterilized and they live in Harmony with nature along with the trees and plants in this little doggie heaven.

However, we have a Bandwidth and a budget limitation. We cannot accept any more dogs without tying up precious resources. If we stretch our resources and accept more dogs, it will be stressful for the people who manage the shelter and even more painful for the poor mutts, as facilities and infrastructure built for a few, comes under pressure.


What we will never do

Doggysthan will never Breed dogs. They also will not promote the sale of Breeds or adopt/foster them. If we have the bandwidth, we will pick up a few more puppies off the roads, instead of raising breeds.

Doggysthan does not have a revenue model. It is not a startup. We will accept donations but never pester or mail people seeking donations.

Doggysthan is not a Commercial venture. We will not look after pets for a fee, whatever be the reason. We will not associate ourselves with such organizations or individuals also.

In Doggysthan, we will not maintain non-sterilized dogs. All dogs will necessarily be sterilized. All the dogs will be the responsibility of Doggysthan.

What we do.

  1. Pick up stray puppies off the road and depending on availability of resources, we may accept dogs for adoption, based on commitments received.
  2. Clean up the pups, conduct health checkup at the veterinarians.
  3. Vaccinate on schedules provided by the vet.
  4. Sterilize on schedule.
  5. Try and get the pups adopted in decent homes, for free, after the new parents are screened.
  6. Dogs that could not get adopted will live in Doggysthan till death do us apart.
  7. Provide periodical health checks and vaccination.
  8. Bathe them regularly, de-lice them, keep them free of infestations both internal (de-worming) and external (lice, ticks mites).
  9. Provide nutritious food and Love (lots and lots of it).
  10. Allow volunteers and like-minded visitors to mingle with these lovable beasts to provide love and service.

Meet the Team

Sabari Girish Thampi

Chief Human/ Head of the Ear Tickling and Belly rubs Department/ Grub Provider/ Head waiter/and Nuisance Bath giver.

His Career is given below:-

  1. Sales Executive – 5 years
  2. Career Banker for 14 years
  3. Domain Specialist/ Project & Program Manager/ IT product Marketing/ CFO/ HR and other donkey’s jobs for another 15 years.
  4. Retired at age 54
  5. Now Chief Human Doggysthan. (More on Linkedin/ Facebook etc if that’s your thing)
  6. Loves to Eat/ Diet and Sleep

Resident of Vancouver Canada. Lover of animals, dogs in particular. Visits India once a year and spends most of the time at Doggysthan. The Dogs pile on to her like a lost mother and she dives into them like… well a mother lost. Perfect match.


A resident of Pittsburgh USA. She is a keen enthusiast. Keeps track of the dogs every day. Claims that all the dogs are hers. The Dogs genuinely do not give a darn.


The Grandmother. A reluctant convert (used to fear dogs earlier) to dogs, now she is now the Grandmother of all dogs. She is an ardent Dog lover. Never has an unkind word for any of the mutts, though they have torn several dresses beyond repair and always muddy her outfit with their dirty paws. The mutts adore her with a devotion that needs to be seen to be believed.


The Man (The In-Human according to the dogs, as he removes the poop that the mutts have placed strategically across several locations within Doggysthan) who maintains the farm. The dogs are generally pissed off with him and have accepted the poop challenge, by trying to cover up or hide their poop with mud and dirt. They have now come to accept him as some kind of necessary evil and a few of the dogs happily part with their poop as a sign of respect.

Shekhar, who is more of a Gardner, doubles up as the Maître de, for the dogs when the Chief Human is away. Shekhar is one of the doggos’ favorite humans and their nanny. He receives a raucous welcome from them and he provides them with care, comfort and even adhoc baths while he waters the plants. Shekhar feeds the doggos while the other humans are away and is an integral part to keeping doggysthan up and running.)