April is a crafty one. The other dogs usually pull her leg a lot.

"Why are you called April" A Lieutenant would ask and a Major will reply "Because she was born on April 1st". And like dumb dogs that they are, they would fall and roll over laughing - clutching their chest in an exaggerated display of tremendous mirth.

April has abundant oomph and moves amongst the males, like a little nymphet with a death wish. Unlike most dogs in Doggysthan she is not sterilized. As a rule, all male dogs in Doggysthan are sterilized. And that being said, they simply cannot ‘not rise to the occasion’ when a nymphet demands it, even Humpetty Yoda, a cute dumb dog that humped anything in sight, with a fervor that is to be seen to be believed. Why does he do that, despite the handicap? Simple - A voice in his head asked him to!

April - not aware of the male populace’s limited capacities continues to flirt unashamedly. She would go to Brutus a 'Hunk in the making' and coyly admit to him that she is on Heat and he can take her out for Netflix and chill.  

Now, Brutus is dumb as a pre-owned brick, who never owned a remote. He is also sterilized to the boot. Why he should spend time with a Gal who is on "Heat" was beyond his mental capabilities. Keen on avoiding any commitment or infection, he would gingerly back off, telling her to take an Aspirin or to go meet a Vet! Better still, he would say to her, to go to the Hooman, who can hose her down with some cold water.

Under pressure, Brutus would go for Counselling to the Senior Alphanand unburden his issues.  "This is what she says to me". He whines.

The Alpha (Older, more experienced, but again-sterilized) would nod his head sagely. "You know", he would say, "I have a fairly good idea what she wants from you".

With a knowing smile and a wink, he would say to Brutus wisely:-

"It's not HARD! But I will be Dammed if I know why"


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