Food @ Doggysthan.

  1. Items that are consumed.
    1. Dry Food Like Pedigree
    2. Chicken offal or wet food
    3. Ghee (clarified butter)
    4. Curds
    5. Rice
    6. Raagi (Finger Millet)
    7. Veggies – Carrot/ radish
    8. Turmeric Powder
    9. Cattle Bones – From Butchers
    10. Vitamin Syrup
    11. Treats (Rawhide, Chew Sticks, Dog Biscuits)


The recipe (For 12 dogs): –

In one vessel, boil rice (40 gms per dog), 60 ml of Ghee or Butter,, 2 large cattle bones (around 200 gms in total) with turmeric powder and once the rice is cooked. Keep it aside. The quantity of Bones/ Veggies and Ghee can be adjusted depending on the number of dogs.

In another large vessel, cook 2 kgs of Offal in water. (Some of the meat suppliers provide this which is generally chicken carcass, that cannot be consumed by humans). Boil it for about 15 to 20 minutes. The 2 Kgs again is for 12 dogs It can be adjusted suitably.

In another vessel, mix Raagi (40 gms per dog) and Curd 20 ml per dog.

Mix all the four together. Add 1 to 2 kgs (depending on the number of dogs, thumb rule is 100 gms per dog weighing upto 25 kgs) of Pedigree or any dry food. allow it to cool. Once it has cooled add 50 ML of multivitamin Syrup.

Stir well. The resultant mixture can be diluted with water if it is too thick. Mutts love it when it is liquidy.

Enjoy watching the dogs noisily slurp it in.


Periodic Routines @ Doggysthan:-

Monthly Routines

  1. Baths  using (anti tick) shampoo
  2. Physical Examinations

Quarterly Routines

  1. Deworming
  2. Nails
  3. De Lice-ing and checking for ticks/ Treatments (using medicated powders, eucalyptus oil, citronella oil,)

Yearly routines

  1. Vaccinations
  2. Health Check


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