Right now the Shelter has a full-fledged kitchen consisting of
1. Wide range of Cooking Vessels, pressure cookers and electrical appliances
like blender, kettle.
2. Gas stove
3. Gas Cylinders
4. Refrigerator
5. Freezer

Other Facilities



In addition, we have drilled a bore well for uninterrupted supply of water. Water is stored in large water tanks and piped water is made available at different points.Carrot/ Radish etc. for the dogs are grown in the farm.
Well-equipped store room to maintain at least two months of stocks.
Power washers to clean the rooms.

Quarantine/ Sick bay

A well ventilated quarantine room is maintained for new comers and sick dogs.

Veterinary Requirements

Dr. Basavanna Gowda MVSc is a reputed/ well respected veterinarian located inYelahanka, which is about 11 Kms away from the farm. He runs the Sudeeksha Pet Clinic which is a very well known Veterinary Clinic. He is the Human in Charge of Health at Doggysthan and makes periodic site visits. He and his team of doctors and animal enthusiasts takes very good care of our dogs. Sudeeksha pet clinic is well appointed and are equipped to conduct emergency and elective surgeries for dogs of all shapes and sizes. Dr. Gowda works with CUPA and many other NGOs actively involved with Animal Welfare in Bangalore.


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