At Doggysthan, as you can see, we need funds to maintain the dogs. Looking after 12 dogs itself is not easy. And there are more and even more. Sometimes we see these pups on the roads, barely alive and our hearts go out. I am willing to feed them and care of a few of them. And I am sure, are many of the readers. However due to the busy lives that we lead, we are unable to pay any attention. I can bridge that gap. If I get your help, I can take care of some of these puppers. I can provide a few with a square meal at least once a day.

  • To take care of a dog in a proper way I have estimated my costs at around Rs. 1650/- per month which covers the costs of food.
  • Other expenses are given elsewhere in the write up. On an average, each dog needs at least Rs. 75/- a day.

While I am willing to spend as much as possible, every little will help me to take care of even more dogs.  You can pay/ sponsor one dog for food, once a month or several months. As of now, around 4 of the residents out of 12 dogs have sponsorships. That leaves eight sponsorships open.  Once all dogs finds sponsors, we will open our gates to more dogs and undertake feeding arrangements on the streets to the street dogs.


One can either pay as follows or send dog food/ other stores by direct payment to the vendors. As per the table provided below.

ProductVendorRate AverageShip to Address
Pedigree/ or any other dry Dog food
Amazon2650/- for 20 Kgs BagS G Thampi
Villa 133,Zed Earth Phase 1
Doddaballapur Main Road
Pedigree Wet Food
Amazon450/- for a pouch of 8 packets Same As Above
De-liceing Shampoo/ Fipronil/ De-worming tablets
Amazon We need 500 ml of Shampoo per month.
● Fipronil 12 packets (For 20-25kg dogs) are needed every quarter
● 72 tablets required every quarterone 500 ML
Same As Above
Ghee . Amazon450-500 rupees per litre.
We need 3 liters a month
Same As Above
Curds - we need 60 liters per month

Local Vendor @ Suradhenupura
@ Rs 43/- per liter Accepts Phone Pe/ Google Pay/ATM
Details can be provided on request.
Zyncovit Syrup - We need about 7 to 8 bottles a month Prasanth Medical stores Suradhenupura Rs 110/- per 200 ML bottle. Accepts PayTM/ Google Pay
Details can be provided on request.
Raagi & Rice We need 15 Kgs of each every month.Procured directly from Supermarkets
Sterlizations/ Vaccinations
Once the first year vaccinations are given, then the maintenance dose will kick in annually.
Sudeeksha Pet ClinicEach Vaccination costs between 650/- to 800/- depending on the age, size of the dog and previous medical history. They also accept PayTM/ Google Pay. Co-ordinates can be provided on request


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