Hi, We are the Doggysthan’s!

WELCOME TO our Home!!

Doggysthan became a reality. 17 Guntas or 43 cents of Land, surrounded by granite walls, with a functioning farm house, kitchen and quarantine. Initially there was 6 dogs. Now there are twelve.

Doggysthan is also a farm. There are more than 30 varieties of fruit trees. Then there are vegetables and timber. Only Organic fertilizers and pesticides are used here.

It was intended to be a quiet place. Well it is quiet as long as there are no planes landing at KIA. As you see we are on the landing path of one of the busiest Airports in the world. So much for a quiet place!!!

More about the Citizens of Doggysthan elsewhere in the website. Please drop in occasionally. Donate to maintain the farm. Visit to see the inmates and how healthy and frisky they are. One will be amazed to see the Indies doing so well and you may perhaps change your mind and adopt these lovable animals instead of foreign breeds.

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